The Pemberly Press Release…

makes me think that the DeBourgh confrontation will be about Lizzie being pursued for a job at Pemberly.

I knew when the domino app started that this was Darcy’s way of making room for Lizzie at Pemberly. Creating something right in the avenue where she is an expert. I think this press release is just a way for us to know that Darcy is planning on hiring Lizzie.

After all, Darcy is trying to redeem himself, now that hes repaired Bing and Jane, the only thing left for him to do is help Lizzie with her career—and what better way than to hire her onto his company?

But…but…what about the romantic part? We do know that at this point, Darcy thinks there is no chance for him and Lizzie to be together. 

Will it be that Lizzie has to swear to not link herself romantically with Darcy if she  takes on the job, and maybe she says no? Sacrifices a job for love? 

And people, where is Caroline? Shes been gone for way too long—its beginning to make me nervous, seeing I read her as having feelings for Darcy. Seems odd that she hasn’t popped up, tweeted, or posted her usual fodder to Darcy.